Ice Balls Are Back at Bellevue's Schneider's Sweet Shop

A true sign of the coming of summer in Northern Kentucky: Ice Balls are back.

click to enlarge Ice balls - Photo: Schneider's Sweet Shop Facebook
Photo: Schneider's Sweet Shop Facebook
Ice balls

Ice Balls have made their annual return to Schneider’s Sweet Shop in Bellevue, ushering in the warmer months and the frozen treats that come with them.

Since 1939, Schneider’s has been serving up homemade candies, ice cream and other sweet treats. Current owner Jack Schneider says that they've been making Ice Balls since before he was born, when his father Robert Schneider and mother Lill Schneider were running the store. Jack and his wife Kathy took over the shop in 1986, and have been maintaining its delicious traditions ever since.

The Ice Balls come in 14 different flavors, including cherry, nectar, lemon, lime, grape, orange, root beer and blue raspberry. Schneider’s makes their own ice in-house and uses an old fashioned grinder to crush it so it is fine enough to eat, but not fine enough to melt when syrup is applied.

Ice Balls can be served just as shaved ice with syrup, but many customers order their Ice Balls infused with ice cream, creating their own combinations of creamy and crunchy sweetness. Jack says that popular combinations include the nectar Ice Ball with vanilla ice cream, cherry Ice Ball with vanilla ice cream and a pina colada Ice Ball with coconut ice cream. 

“On a nice hot day, there's nothing better,” he says. 

In addition to the store’s beloved Ice Balls, Schneider’s is known for its Opera Creams, fudges, caramels, cordial cherries, pecan caramelettes, and Kentucky Cream Candy. 

Schneider’s Sweet Shop is located at 20 Fairfield Ave in Bellevue.

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