Jason and Travis Kelce Become Part Owners of Covington-Founded Garage Beer Co.

While Garage Beer Co.'s headquarters are in Columbus, Braxton Brewing still brews it here.

Jun 12, 2024 at 3:55 pm
Jason and Travis Kelce
Jason and Travis Kelce Photo: Provided by Garage Beer Co.

NFL superstars, podcasters and brothers Jason and Travis Kelce can now add “business owners” to their resumes as the pair teams up to become the owners of a Covington-founded beer brand.

The brothers announced on their New Heights podcast Wednesday that they are now significant owners and operators of Garage Beer Co., a brand of small-batch-brewed light beer created by Northern Kentucky’s Braxton Brewing Company.

“We’re part owners of a beer brand, and not just any old beer brand,” said Travis during the podcast. “Just the most wonderfully tasting … If you like good beer, this is a good beer.”

“We like beer that tastes like beer,” added Jason. “This is a beer that you keep in your garage. And if it’s not in your garage, maybe just take it to your garage and break out the table saw!”

“Because that’s always safe,” Travis quipped.

In 2023, Braxton formed a partnership with brand investment marketer Andrew Sauer to focus on growing the sales, distribution and renown of Garage Beer. While the brand’s headquarters is in Columbus, Ohio, Braxton still brews the beer.

In a press release, the Kelce brothers, both of whom played football for the University of Cincinnati in college, say they are passionate about both beer and business and talked for years about partnering together on a venture in that area. Feeling beer should be fun, they said they wanted to partner with a brand that embodies a neighborhood feel — and what’s more neighborly than sharing a beer in a garage?

"People crave quality and simplicity, and Garage Beer nails both for me. We are light beer drinkers and Garage is the best light beer," Jason said in a press release. "For me, the brand fits my lifestyle, and having a few beers is a great excuse to get the neighbors together."

"It comes down to quality for me. I think everyone knows I like to have a couple beers now and then, so being an owner of Garage Beer and heavily involved in making the best light beer is exciting, man!” added Travis. “There is nothing better to bring people together than an ice-cold beer, and for Jason and me, that is what beer is all about — friends, family and fun.”

The brothers will be involved in all aspects of Garage Beer Co., including brewing, distribution, sales, marketing and national expansion efforts. The beer is currently sold in 13 states, including Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana, with a planned expansion into dozens of new states in 2024.

Learn more about Garage Beer here.

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