Keystone Bar & Grill to Serve Mac & Cheese Chicken and Waffles for National Mac & Cheese Day

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Jul 2, 2019 at 11:52 am
click to enlarge Mac and cheese chicken and waffles - Photo: Provided by Keystone Bar & Grill
Photo: Provided by Keystone Bar & Grill
Mac and cheese chicken and waffles

National Mac & Cheese Day is Sunday, July 14 — a holiday with no specific significance other than to encourage people to eat macaroni and cheese (unlike National Donut Day, which is in fact to celebrate the role donuts played as a comfort food during World War I). 

Thankfully, requesting that people eat macaroni and cheese is not a hard ask. And Keystone Bar & Grill and the Mac Shack are offering some super special one-day-only cheesy creations to celebrate. 

All three Keystone locations — Covington (313 Greenup St.), Hyde Park (3384 Erie Ave.) and Clifton (249 Calhoun St.) — will be serving mac and cheese chicken and waffles. That is waffles made of macaroni and cheese with a chunk of breaded chicken, covered in a sweet and spicy syrup. If you aren't ready for that monster, they will also have chili mac and cheese fries. Both items are just available for Mac & Cheese Day and are not available on the normal Keystone menu.

But if you want to go traditional and still honor the dairy noodles, every Keystone menu mac is only $7.14 all day long. 

click to enlarge Cheeseburger in Paradise - Photo: Provided by Mac Shack
Photo: Provided by Mac Shack
Cheeseburger in Paradise

Head to Keystone's offshoot the Mac Shack in Clifton (249 Calhoun St.) or Green Township (5655 Harrison Ave.) to grab their Cheeseburger in Paradise mac: burger meat plopped on top of a pile of Lovin’ Spoonful macaroni and cheese, and then topped with lettuce, tomato, Heinz 57 sauce, french fries and a pickle spear.

They will also be serving all menu macs for just $7.14 all day long.

As a bonus, all Keystone and Mac Shack locations (except Mac Shack Clifton) will be hiding a golden ticket under a skillet of mac and cheese to award one lucky customer a free year of macaroni and cheese. 

*A previous version of this story incorrectly stated all locations would have golden tickets