London is Home to a Queen City-Inspired Restaurant Called Cincinnati Chilibomb

Restaurant founder Tim Brice opened the eatery to offer an inspired taste of our local delicacy to the folks of the UK.

Aug 9, 2021 at 9:33 am

click to enlarge A Cincinnati Chilibomb - Photo:
A Cincinnati Chilibomb

A former local resident took a strong liking to our unique style of chili during his time here. So much so, in fact, that he has taken the flavors of the Queen City "across the pond" to offer a taste of our local delicacy to the folks of the United Kingdom.

Tim Brice, a London-based restaurateur, opened Cincinnati Chilibomb earlier this year, and has developed his own spin on the dish. 

The eatery specializes in something called "chilibombs," which are chili-filled brioche buns topped with shredded cheese and onions. They are available with vegan chili and vegan cheeses, and onions can be fresh chopped, fried crispy or pickled. You can also add a variety of sauces, like sweet smoky barbecue sauce, to your bomb.

“It has taken me months of endless tastings, recipe spreadsheets and research to (finalize) the perfect chili, which you can taste at Cincinnati Chilibomb," says Brice in a release

“I wanted to evolve the traditional Cincinnati method of eating chili, which is with spaghetti, onion and cheese, otherwise known as 'three-way;' and the thought of serving it with rice, as we do in Britain, did not seem authentic to its origins," he adds.

The Chilibomb chili doesn't appear to have the same consistency as our more sauce-style chili, but Brice describes the flavor as "aromatic" but "not too spicy," which loosely adheres to our own... we suppose.

Another distinct spin on the dish? Brice offers syringes of chili oil — with spice level to your choosing — to heat things up a bit. 

In addition to the restaurant's namesake dish, Cincinnati Chilibomb also offers sides and sweet treats like sweet potato fries, corn ribs, chicken wings and pecan pie. 

But the inspired chili dish isn't the only beckoning back to our city. A quick glance at the restaurant's Instagram page and you will feel right at home, with Reds jerseys hanging from the walls and a mural of former Cincinnati mayor (and television show host) Jerry Springer. 

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