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Mary McMahon & Toni Davena: Owners of What's for Dinner?

Mary and Toni, Cincinnati's grand dames of the take-home food concept, have been feeding people for 28 years. Toni says that people often confuse what they do with high-end gourmet, but it's really comfort food: "Our cooking is a service to people. We serve their souls and their health. We feed people's whole being."

CityBeat: Where did you eat your last great meal and what was it? Mary: Quite frankly it was my own cooking — chicken thighs with stuffing that included leeks and butternut and acorn squash from the Lunken market, and I made a roasted chipotle carrot garnish. For dessert, gingerbread with roasted apples and crème anglaise.

Toni: The Greenup Café for brunch. I had Brie, avocado and tomato on a croissant. You feel everything is well thought out. I say bravo!

CB: Your business partnership has lasted longer than most marriages. How do you do it?

Mary: We're incredibly compatible. I don't think we've ever had an argument we couldn't resolve. We have a bedrock trust in each other.

Toni: We're very opposite. She's tomorrow and I'm today. I'm public and she's private. That's what makes it work. I do one part, she does the other, but we believe in the same things.

What's for Dinner? 3009 O'Bryon St., O'Bryonville, 513-321-4404

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