Mayor Pureval Honors National Tartar Sauce Day by Declaring March 4 'Frisch's Big Boy Day' in Cincinnati

Fun fact: National Tartar Sauce Day apparently originated in Cincinnati.

Mar 3, 2022 at 10:40 am
click to enlarge Mayor Aftab Pureval (center), Frisch's President and CFO Tony Vasconcellos and Big Boy - Photo: Provided by Frisch's
Photo: Provided by Frisch's
Mayor Aftab Pureval (center), Frisch's President and CFO Tony Vasconcellos and Big Boy

Just in time for Lent, things are getting fishy in Cincinnati. Well, fish adjacent.

On Friday, March 4 (the day all the fish frys start), Mayor Aftab Pureval is declaring it Frisch's Big Boy Day in the Queen City.

Conveniently, March 4 also happens to be National Tartar Sauce Day — a day that apparently originated in Cincinnati.

According to a press release from Frisch's, the local restaurant chain is the one who started National Tartar Sauce Day to honor the tangy condiment. They say it launched five years ago to celebrate Frisch's "famous fish sandwich made with two sustainably sourced Alaskan cod filets and the famous Frisch's Original Tartar Sauce."

Sounds relatively self-promotional, which it is, but this year National Tartar Sauce Day also marks the start of the celebrations for Frisch's 75th anniversary.

And to commemorate the milestone, the restaurant chain has created two new fish sandwiches. The Stacked Fish and Spicy Fish are double decker sandwiches with two pieces of fried fish each, plus two slices of cheese, lettuce, pickles and tartar sauce. The "spicy" sandwich comes topped with Frisch's spicy tartar sauce and pepper jack cheese.

On Fridays during Lent, Frisch's also offers an all-you-can-eat soup, salad and seafood buffet featuring options like popcorn shrimp and crab cakes.

In a video provided by Frisch's, Mayor Pureval reads the Frisch's Big Boy Day proclamation, which states:

Be it proclaimed whereas Frisch's Big Boy is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year in Cincinnati, whereas Frisch's Big Boy restaurants have been a hometown favorite for generations of Cincinnatians, whereas Frisch's Big Boy continues to be a go-to spot for families with food favorites that appeal to both new and returning guests, whereas a visit to Frisch's Big Boy brings back memories from throughout the years, while making fond memories today, and whereas Frisch's Big Boy is both a beloved sandwich and a beloved mascot, Frisch's is known for its famous tartar sauce and is celebrating National Tartar Sauce Day today. Now, therefore, I, Aftab Pureval, mayor of the city of Cincinnati, do hereby proclaim March 4, 2022 as Frisch's Big Boy Day in Cincinnati.
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