New Riff's O.K.I. Bourbon Brand Revived By New Cincinnati Owners

The discontinued brand gets new life with a former George Remus Bourbon co-founder and investor

Apr 30, 2020 at 2:03 pm
click to enlarge O.K.I. label - Photo: Provided by O.K.I.
Photo: Provided by O.K.I.
O.K.I. label

O.K.I. Bourbon — which takes its moniker from the states of Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana — has found new owners in Cincinnatians Chad Brizendine and Jake Warm.

Brizendine, a co-founder of George Remus Bourbon, and Warm, an investor in Remus, acquired O.K.I. from New Riff, who had aged and bottled the high-rye spirit (sourced from a producer in Lawrenceburg, Indiana) while waiting for their own brand of bourbon to be ready to hit the market. New Riff discontinued O.K.I. in 2018.

Under Brizendine and Warm, O.K.I. will source its 36-percent rye bourbon from that same Lawrenceburg producer, which is MGPI — George Remus Bourbon's current owner, which was also known as the Seagram's distillery in the 1930s.

But the duo plans to update the brand story and packaging before the first single barrel release hits this fall, playing off of the area's pre-Prohibition bourbon heritage. 

“95 percent of the world’s bourbon supply comes from the Tri-State region of Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana, and we’re very proud of that," said Brizendine in a press release. "We look forward to working with distilleries across the region to source bourbon and rye for future O.K.I. releases.” 

The bourbon will also be aged in the Seagram's warehouse at the Lawrenceburg distillery, which Warm's great grandfather built.

"I'm very proud that our first O.K.I. barrels will be aged in the same buildings my family built 90 years ago,” he says.

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