Northern Kentuckians Can Order Girl Scout Cookies Via Grubhub Delivery This Year

If one good thing came from the pandemic, its cookie delivery.

Jan 13, 2021 at 3:30 pm
click to enlarge Northern Kentuckians Can Order Girl Scout Cookies Via Grubhub Delivery This Year

Buying Girl Scout Cookies will look a little different this year as Girl Scouts of Kentucky’s Wilderness Road is working to stay safe while delivering cookies and honing their technology skills.

Starting Feb. 5, customers in Northern Kentucky and Lexington will be able to purchase cookies for pick-up or delivery through Grubhub on Fridays and Saturdays from 4-7 p.m.

Girl Scouts will fill the orders and manage inventory and e-commerce using Grubhub’s technology. In order to make delivery an option, and without taking profits from the Girl Scouts sales, Grubhub is waiving all fees. In addition to providing Girl Scouts the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of the major app, it also allows for contact-free delivery, keeping their cookie customers and deliverers safe. 

Starting Feb. 1, online ordering will also be available through the new Smart Cookies mobile app, which allows Girl Scouts to sell and track the progress of mobile orders from their phones. If you need to locate a local troop to purchase from, customers can use the Cookie Finder and enter their Zip Code to find a booth or connect with a troop. 

There’s also a new cookie being added to the 2021 order sheet. Inspired by French toast, the Toast-Yay! is packed with cinnamon and sweetness and then dipped in icing. The Toast-Yay! Cookie is exclusively sold by certain councils, and available from local Kentucky Girl Scouts. 

Money from cookie sales makes up over 80% of Girl Scouts of Kentucky’s Wilderness Road budget for operation. The money is funneled directly back into the program and goes toward properties and activities for camps, troop rewards, membership and volunteer program development. These new ways of mobile ordering will allow for even more funding, education and advancement for Girl Scouts of Kentucky’s Wilderness Road.

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