Northside Bars Giving Out Popsicles In Lieu of Neighborhood's Rock & Roll Fourth of July Parade

This Popsicle Parade from NEST isn't an actual parade but you will get a free popsicle with every order from The Comet, Northside Yacht Club, Littlefield and Second Place

Jul 4, 2020 at 11:19 am
click to enlarge Popsicles! - Photo: Instagram @northsidenest
Photo: Instagram @northsidenest

Northside's long-running Fourth of July Parade was canceled this year because of the coronavirus pandemic.  

“We’ll be back in 2021 with a bigger, crazier, more outlandish and more exciting parade, but right now, we’re acknowledging that we can’t throw the city’s biggest 4th of July party and do right by our community," said Neil Spataro, this year’s parade chair, in a release about the decision.

Everyone was pretty bummed — it's a huge party for the neighborhood and the city, with an attached multi-day Rock n' Roll Carnival. 

So NEST, Northsiders Engaged in Sustainable Transformation, came up with an idea to lessen the blow. 

The Popsicle Parade around area bars isn't an actual parade. But the nonprofit has given The Comet, Northside Yacht Club, The Littlefield and Second Place a bunch of free ice pops to hand out to customers when they order something. And they're those cute nostalgic summertime ones that are basically frozen colored sugar water in a tube. #America.

Free ice pops available until they run out.