Ohio's Favorite Cake Flavor Is... Predictable

The Buckeye State is apparently anchoring its celebrations to the most boring cake ever.

click to enlarge Watch out! This cake setup is too exciting for Ohio. - Photo: Silva Trigo, Pexels
Photo: Silva Trigo, Pexels
Watch out! This cake setup is too exciting for Ohio.

We are firmly in dessert season now, with carbs and sugar forming the blanket that will keep us cozy and happy — or at least possibly less seasonally depressed — all winter long.

And where there are desserts, there are cakes.

National jewelry chain Shane Co. recently conducted an investigation to see what each U.S. state's favorite flavor of cake is. While cake goes hand-in-hand with celebrations of engagement or impending parenthood, as Shane Co. specializes in, it also goes well with sweet, sweet singledom, dammit.


To find each state's top cake, Shane Co. reviewed Google Trends data from the past 12 months.

The most popular cakes in the county have some oomph to them. Ice cream cake is No. 1 in 10 states, followed by strawberry cake in seven states and molten lava cake in five states. The rest of the list is filled wth delicious cake most of us would be delighted to find on a menu or at a party — devil's food cake, funfetti cake, cheesecake...

But when it comes to Ohio's favorite cake, specifically? It's... well... not exciting.

White cake. Ohio loves white cake.

And according to Shane Co., we're literally the only state that does.

Honestly, are we surprised?

Meanwhile, just across the Ohio River, Kentucky claims strawberry cake as its favorite. Even the nearby states of Michigan and Pennsylvania (both with ice cream cake), West Virginia (orange cake) and Indiana (devil's food cake) have better taste than Ohio.

Enjoy that bland white cake after your green bean casserole, Ohio.

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