Over-the-Rhine's HomeMakers Bar, Longfellow and Lost & Found Play "Catch" with Opening Day Specials and Literal Baseballs

Enjoy some Cracker Jack-washed bourbon and a butter dog while playing #LostHomeFellow.

Apr 1, 2021 at 11:28 am
click to enlarge Cracker Jack-washed bourbon - Photo: Provided by HomeMakers
Photo: Provided by HomeMakers
Cracker Jack-washed bourbon

Over-the-Rhine bars HomeMakers, Longfellow and Lost & Found are playing a special game of catch this Opening Day.

The game, nicknamed #LostHomeFellow, asks patrons to show up to one of the bars and then "sign and pass (a) baseball or flash your challenge coin for a special treat." 

"There will be three baseballs in play. You’ll grab them from one of the bars when you purchase an Opening Day special," says HomeMakers co-owner Julia Petiprin via email. "When you have the ball, you pass it to one of the other bars. Upon return of the ball, you get a small prize. It’s a way to share the love through the community and enjoy Opening Day even if you can’t go to the park."

click to enlarge Longfellow's butter dog - Photo: Provided by HomeMakers
Photo: Provided by HomeMakers
Longfellow's butter dog

Each bar will also be offering special baseball-themed deals.

HomeMakers is offering Cracker Jack-washed bourbon, apple cinnamon bourbon popcorn and Topo Chico margaritas, aka Claritas.

"The Clarita is HomeMakers' newest addition to the menu," says Petiprin. "We make our own margarita mix by clarifying orange and lime juice and making a cordial out of it. We use that, a blanco tequila and put it inside a Topo Chico for our own special version of a margarita. Garnish with pico de gallo spicy salt and a lime. It’s a refreshing version of the classic that’s not too sweet."

At Longfellow, the bar is slinging $3 beers and butter hot dogs — an all-beef dog topped with sport pepper, Dusseldorf mustard, housemade relish and paprika.

Lost & Found is serving $3 shots of Negroni plus beer and a housemade nut mix.

HomeMakers (39 E. 13th St.) and Longfellow (1233 Clay St.) open at 4 p.m. today, April 1; Lost & Found (22 E. 14th St.) opens at 6 p.m.