Over-the-Rhine's Japp's Selling Make-At-Home Cocktail Kits to Accompany Molly Wellmann's 5 O'Clocktails Series

Pick up your kit and follow along with owner and mixologist Molly Wellmann as she guides viewers (and sippers) through a new cocktail every Wednesday

Aug 21, 2020 at 2:23 pm
click to enlarge Scofflaw cocktail ingredients - Photo jappsotr.com
Photo jappsotr.com
Scofflaw cocktail ingredients

Cincinnati mixologist and bar owner Molly Wellmann began her video series 5 O'Clocktails near the beginning of the coronavirus shutdown in order to continue to engage with the customers from her bar, Japp's, entertain them with interesting stories and offer guidance on making stellar cocktails at home — just a few of her favorite things. 

click to enlarge Molly Wellmann - Photo: Screengrab from a 5 O'Clocktail video
Photo: Screengrab from a 5 O'Clocktail video
Molly Wellmann

It was also a way to raise some funds for her workers, business and self during the difficult time. 

Now that she has successfully reopened Japp's to the public, with a socially distant layout and platform, plus many beautiful palm trees, she has restarted her online cocktail class series. 

But this time, folks can stop in and pick up a cocktail kit so they can have all of the ingredients needed to make the drink at home, right alongside Wellmann. 

Wellmann features a new 5 O'Clocktail each week, and those interested in participating can purchase a kit prior to the video release on Wednesday. 

Last week — her first week of the adapted series — featured the Tom Collins. This week, Wellmann is preparing the Scofflaw cocktail. 

The kits cost $12 and can be ordered online prior to pick-up, or visitors can just stop in and grab one to-go. The kit comes with all the ingredients you'll need to make your cocktail, and Wellmann will walk you through the process on Wednesday's 5 O'Clocktail video.

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