Over-the-Rhine's Please Will Reopen in December — But Things Will Be a Little Different

The Over-the-Rhine eatery has been closed since the pandemic began in March, but they will soon be partially reopening their back bar space for single party, 5-course dinners

Nov 25, 2020 at 11:11 am
Over-the-Rhine's Please Will Reopen in December — But Things Will Be a Little Different
Photo: Provided by Please

Over-the-Rhine eatery Please closed its doors at the beginning of the pandemic in March. They have held occasional wine sales since and done private dinner parties.

But owner and chef Ryan Santos has announced he will partially reopen the restaurant this December — and there will be some big changes. 

Only Please's back bar space will be open, and they will host only single-party groups of up to eight guests. Reservable on Fridays and Saturdays, the space will feature counter-style seating, and will incur a $1,000 room fee, which includes a five-course dinner; beer and wine will be available for purchase. 

Taking into account the unique dining experience and open kitchen set-up in the main dining room (which will be closed to guests), the back bar will feature an iPad which will feature a livestream what's going on in the kitchen. 

This extended break for the restaurant has given Santos plenty of time to orchestrate a safe way to operate during the pandemic.

In his Instagram post, Santos outlines the safety precautions. 

 "Masks will be mandatory when entering the restaurant, getting up to use the bathroom, and when exiting the restaurant. Additionally, all guests will be asked to keep their silverware and glassware throughout the experience, and water will be self served. Beyond standard Covid-19 cleaning and sanitation protocols, we will have a HEPA filter, that’s three times the recommended size and CADR rating in the bar room," the post explains.

"Although we’ve been staunchly cautious and critical of reopening, especially given the current climate, some things change and to survive into the future, the wheels must start turning again in some capacity."

Please is now taking reservations for December and January.