Pendleton's 3 Points Urban Brewery Adds Some Sparkle To New Year's Eve with Glitter Beer

It won't show up in your poop

click to enlarge The brewery's Magic Wand kettle sour with an extra dose of sparkle - Photo: Provided by 3 Points
Photo: Provided by 3 Points
The brewery's Magic Wand kettle sour with an extra dose of sparkle

Pendleton's 3 Points Urban Brewery is hosting a New Year's Eve party (9 p.m.-2 a.m.; $100) with aerial artists, DJs, body paint art, food from neighbors Boomtown, Lucius Q and Nation and, since it's a brewery, plenty of drinks. Entry includes 10 drink tickets with booze ranging from wine and cocktails to beer, including a super special limited NYE creation: beer infused with glitter to add some sparkle to your festivities. (Full disclosure: CityBeat is a co-host of this event, but we had nothing to do with making sparkly beer.)

Since glittery beer is sort of a novelty, we asked 3 Points marketing manager Aaron Westendorf a couple of questions via email about it.

CityBeat: What's the name of the beer, if it has one. 

Aaron Westendorf: Magic Wand. We typically have it on draft. It's our kettle sour that is vibrantly pink in color from hibiscus. We also include some fruit in the process of brewing including coconut, pineapple, apricot and lime peel. 

CB: Origin of the idea for glitter beer? 

AW: We wanted to do something special for New Year's Eve, especially since this is our first time throwing a NYE party. We all had seen glitter beer at different breweries nationally last year, and New Year's Eve seemed like the perfect fit to bring glitter beer to Pendleton. 

CB: What is the glitter made of?

AW: The glitter is baker's grade edible glitter. Many bakers will include it in their icings or frostings.

CB: What does it taste like?

AW: The glitter actually doesn't add any flavor. Magic Wand is a kettle sour that has hints of pineapple, coconut comfort and a lime kick. 

CB: Will it be made again if it's popular?

AW: We're only making two kegs of it for New Year's Eve so we're not expecting to do this very often. There is additional maintenance and consideration with the glitter running through draft lines and the brewing equipment, however, we won't rule out doing it again next year if it helps get people in the spirit of New Year's Eve!

CB: Does it show up in your poop?

AW: No, no glitter logs. 

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