Rejoice My Briny Babies: Urban Artifact's Pickle Gose is Back

Well, almost. On June 22, all you freaky die-hard Pickle fans can start stocking up on this seriously dill-y delight.

May 19, 2020 at 4:29 pm
click to enlarge Cans of Pickle - Photo: Urban Artifact
Photo: Urban Artifact
Cans of Pickle

Urban Artifact's universally controversial sour gose Pickle is back. Well, almost back. Start your countdown

On June 22, all you freaky die-hard Pickle fans can start stocking up on this seriously dill-y delight. 

According to the brewery, the beer is made with 1,000 pounds of cucumbers, nine pounds of sea salt, two pounds of fresh dill and one pound of coriander per 30 bbl batch. And we would expect no less. That attention to culinary detail is why the beer tastes just like sipping on a jar of pickle juice, not like sipping on a beer that's meant to taste like simulated pickle flavoring. Like when a cherry popsicle tastes "red" or like a cherry fragrance smells. Not an issue here.

Pickle is the real deal for pickle purists. So if you hate pickles, stay the fuck back — you're not going to like it and it's going to make you make a weird face when you try it. Let the Pickle fans hoard all the cans of this seasonal release.

The brew will hit Urban Artifact's distribution network on June 22 and the online store on June 26. They'll also be releasing Spicy Pickle — basically Pickle infused with a blend of spicy peppers — and a brand new, small-batch 16-ounce four pack of cans with Spicy Pickle, Extra Spicy Pickle, Chicago Relish and Bread & Butter. Pickle heaven.

Urban Artifact knows this beer is divisive and also a curiosity, so they shared some reviews:

  • "Fucking pickle beer. Superb" — Ash G. via Untappd
  • "Oddly good. There's no doubt about the pickle. I kept thinking 'eh it's weird' but then I kept drinking it." — Michele C. via Untappd
  • "Considering I don't like pickles this wasn't bad" — Brian K. via Untappd
  • "Well it's interesting." — Seth D. via Untappd

Here is my review: I got a six-pack of Pickle as a novelty for a barbecue once because I thought it seemed like a fun thing to bring to drink and leave as a hostess gift. False: I drank all six cans. I left nothing. I don't even like beer. But I do LOVE pickles. And Pickle. This beer is salty and delicious and refreshing. It also did not make me burp. A huge plus because I can't burp — I just get super uncomfortable. If you like bloody marys, as I do, you'll like this beer. If this beer needed a spokesperson, I would be that spokesperson. I am the Spuds MacKenzie of Pickle. So don't go buying up my Pickle stash unless you're really going to drink it, OK? You think I'm joking, but I don't joke about alcohol.

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