The Washington Post Surprisingly Praises Cincinnati Chili, Shares Recipe Ahead of Bengals Super Bowl Game

Cincinnati-style chili has been called everything from "confusing" and "disgusting" to "diarrhea sludge," so it's rare to hear a compliment from a national outlet.

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click to enlarge A 3-Way - Photo: Hailey Bollinger
Photo: Hailey Bollinger
A 3-Way

Cincinnatians are extremely used to outsiders — and even insiders — mocking the city's exquisite culinary contribution to American cuisine.

Cincinnati-style chili has been called everything from "confusing" and "disgusting" to "diarrhea sludge" by everyone from late-night TV hosts to media outlets to sports announcers. So it's rare that we hear any words of praise about the Queen City's royal dish (except for the one time Awkwafina told the New York Times how much she liked it). It's even rarer that someone calls our chili "worthy of a national stage."

Until now.

This unexpected compliment came from The Washington Post, which shared a little history about the 3-Way and a recipe about how to make Cincinnati chili at home ahead of the Bengals vs. Rams Super Bowl on Feb. 13.

The Post writes:
Cincinnati chili has its fair share of detractors, dubious of the inclusion of cinnamon and chocolate (the latter a matter of debate even among fans of the dish) and the typical way it’s eaten on spaghetti with a fork. But now a century old, Cincinnati’s regional favorite has shown that it has staying power, and after one taste of this version adapted from “Joy of Cooking,” you’ll quickly see why.

Yes, the 1997 edition of The Joy of Cooking has a recipe for Cincinnati-style chili, provided by that cookbook's co-author John Becker, who got the two-day recipe from his father (who was born in Cincinnati).

The Post's food writer Becky Krystal has also written up a quicker adaptation for the Instant Pot, saying, "Not sure if this is canon, but topping the cheese pillow with crumbled oyster crackers and  Tabasco or Frank’s is essential, too, for me at least.”  (Becky, we can assure you, yellow cheese, oyster crackers and hot sauce are all required.)

The recipe is great news for Bengals stans across the country who want to be like the hometown heroes who have been chugging cold cans of Skyline chili leading up to the game.

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