Tokyo Kitty and Wendigo Tea Co. Launch World’s First Nitro Kappa Matcha Latte

The vegan drink will be available on tap at the downtown bar starting July 12

Jul 12, 2018 at 1:21 pm

click to enlarge Kappa Matcha Latte - Photo: Wendigo Tea Co.
Photo: Wendigo Tea Co.
Kappa Matcha Latte

Locals Wendigo Tea Co., Smooth Nitro Coffee and Tokyo Kitty have combined to create the world's first nitro Kappa Matcha Latte — and a vegan one, at that. The drink debuts at "The Future of Tea" event 6 p.m, July 12 at Tokyo Kitty (575 Race St., Downtown). 

Wendigo Tea, launched by Sky White — tea fanatic, entrepreneur and keyboardist for Cincy Rock band Foxy Shazam — is known for its high-quality loose-leaf teas and its clever branding, which includes names and illustrations that play off of urban legend and monster lore. There's Bigfoot black tea, Yeti white tea and the namesake Wendigo green tea, among others. The new Kappa Matcha Latte features the brand's organic Kappa ceremonial stone-ground matcha, combined with organic almond and coconut milk, which is then kegged and served from a nitro tap. The nitro infusion creates a creamy mouthfeel and unique silky foam topper. 

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“Matcha is the most antioxidant-dense food on the planet and Kappa, our extremely high-grade matcha, mixed with the Smooth Nitro’s technology makes an absolutely absurd beverage,” says White in a recent press release. (Smooth, the downtown coffee company, serves an expansive selection of cold-brew coffee infused with nitrogen gas.) 

Tokyo Kitty and Wendigo Tea Co. Launch World’s First Nitro Kappa Matcha Latte
Photo: Wendigo Tea Co.

The new latte showcases novel tea technology and the non-alcoholic Japanese-style drink will join Tokyo Kitty's roster of beverage offerings.

“Our technology allows us to create the most velvety smooth beverages that you need to taste to believe,” says Smooth's Dan Thaler in a press release. “I knew that our technology would take a great matcha latte and make it a game-changing beverage that is the first of its kind.”        

The matcha, from the Uji region, is named after a mythical Japanese beast that hides in the swamps. "(He) has a bowl on the top of his head that looks oddly identical to a matcha bowl," White says. Blended with the assorted milks and a natural sweetener, the frothy green drink maintains matcha's robust taste. 

Tokyo Kitty was an obvious venue to release the tea because of it's relationship with Japanese culture.

“We take every opportunity we can to celebrate the infusion of old Japan, future Japan and the cultural exchange to the U.S.,” says Tokyo Kitty's New Business Director Greg Newman. 

“We had to jump at the chance of serving a totally new take on matcha created by the collaboration of local entrepreneurs," adds co-owner Jacob Trevino. "It’s creative, fun and a modern nod to Japanese traditions. We know our guests will love it.”

The tea will be available on tap after Thursday's release.

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