Tom+Chee Unveils FLAMIN HOT Cheetos Grilled Cheese

And melts and donuts...

Apr 20, 2017 at 3:08 pm

click to enlarge A Flamin' Hot-crusted melt with macaroni and cheese inside!
A Flamin' Hot-crusted melt with macaroni and cheese inside!

Do you ever think to yourself: I wish there were more ways to get Flamin’ Hot Cheetos into my mouth? If you do, you should work for Tom+Chee because everyone’s favorite gourmet grilled cheese purveyor is putting crushed-up hot Cheetos on everything from donuts to melts.

And when we say everything, co-founder Corey Ward assures fans that Tom+Chee means everything.

"We've taken the flavors and really infused them into our brand by taking our entire menu and letting customers add Cheetos Flamin’ Hot crust to anything,” he said in a recent press release. “If you're a fan of our Grilled Mac+Chee, crust it with Cheetos Flamin’ Hot. …Our Grilled Cheese Donut? We'll crust that, too! There really are no limits to what we'll crust. If it's on our menu and customers want it, we'll crust it with Cheetos Flamin’ Hot.”

Along with innovative sandwich combos like The Westsider, with goetta, fried egg, hot sauce, pepper jack cheese and bacon smushed between white bread, the eatery is also known for offering gluten-free and vegetarian/vegan options — they even have vegan cheese and gluten-free bread. Believe it or not, Cheetos are gluten-free, so if you can’t take the gluten, but you really want an extreme sandwich, Tom+Chee has you covered... for a limited time.

There’s a reason these guys won this year’s Best of Cincinnati most innovative menu award. 

Tom+Chee, a locally based company, has grown exponentially since appearing on Shark Tank in May 2013. They now have more than 99 franchise stores in 20 states. For more information about Tom+Chee and to find locations, visit