Two Greater Cincinnati Lagers Among the Country's Best, Paste Magazine Says

Brews from Rhinegeist and Braxton landed near the top of the magazine's list of 102 best lagers

May 3, 2019 at 5:44 pm
click to enlarge Braxton Brewing Co. - Photo: Lindsay McCarty
Photo: Lindsay McCarty
Braxton Brewing Co.

If you're a lager-loving beer drinker, you could do a lot worse than living in the Queen City. 

Paste Magazine rated 102 of the country's best craft lagers, and two Greater Cincinnati beers landed near the top of the list. 

Braxton Brewing Co.'s Garage Beer ranked at No. 15. Paste said the Covington-based brewer's lager is "particularly grainy, wheaty, and bready in character, with plenty of yeast-derived doughiness. It also has a bit of lemon citrus running through things, which helps to cut that 'loaf of bread' maltiness."

Paste was especially impressed by Garage Beer's full flavor despite the fact it is only 4.8 percent alcohol by volume.

"Even in a field of American lagers, most of the entries don’t dip quite that low in terms of ABV, and to be able to compete with beers that might be almost 2 percent stronger is a nice accomplishment in and of itself," the magazine wrote.

Rhinegeist Brewery's Cheetah landed a few spots higher on the list at No. 11. Paste had good things to say about the Over-the-Rhine brewer overall, and was especially impressed with this easy-drinking, refreshing lager.

"Ever-so-slightly doughy, with a bit of corny sweetness and enough body to seem on the more substantial side of the spectrum, it has minimal bitterness and drinks extremely easily," Paste wrote. "One taster, who was absolutely paying this beer a compliment, called it 'High Life style,' and we stand by that. This is pretty close to the platonic ideal for an American-style light lager." 

You can read the whole list of Paste's favorite lagers likes here. And you can find the beers themselves by moseying on over to Rhinegeist and Braxton.