Union, Kentucky is First in State to Get Drive-Thru 'Chipotlane'


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click to enlarge Union, Kentucky is First in State to Get Drive-Thru 'Chipotlane'
Photo: Linhart PR

Do you want to eat Chipotle but don't want to use your legs to leave your car? You're in luck! 

On Saturday, June 29, Chipotle Mexican Grill is opening its first drive-thru "Chipotlane" in Kentucky. Located at 9039 US-42 in Union, Kentucky, customers will be able to pick up orders directly from a drive-thru window. 

This isn't like your standard fast-food drive-thru, however. Customers will first have to place a mobile order with Chipotle before showing up to the window. After placing your order online, you'll get a specified pick-up time to show up and grab your food. If you just try to drive up to the window and order, it won't work.

This will be the first Chipotlane in Kentucky and the first for the Cincinnati area. 

The new Union restaurant/window will be open 10:45 a.m.-10 p.m. daily.


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