Urban Artifact and Izzy's Make Pickle Beer

Pickle is a limited-edition gose brewed with cucumbers and fresh dill.

Is your desire for a quality beer and a fun new brew putting you in a pickle? Izzy’s —“Best Deli in Cincinnati” — and Urban Artifact have teamed up to create a unique Pickle beer to the satisfaction of anyone who has eaten Izzy’s iconic pickle and thought, “But what if I could drink it?”

Pickle is a gose (pronounced gos-uh), an old German style of beer that’s been recently resurrected with the craft beer movement. This style is low-hop and crisply refreshing in a way that mirrors the post-sandwich crunch of biting into a pickle. With its bitter taste, this gose’s punch of pickle is thanks to a recipe of 1,000 pounds of cucumbers, two pounds of fresh dill, nine pounds of sea salt and one-and-a-quarter pounds of coriander per 30 BBL batch.

“Our brewing philosophy is to use only the best ingredients in our beers such as whole fruits, spices and vegetables; no flavorings or extracts,” says Scotty Hunter, chief of strategic development for Urban Artifact, in a recent release. “Izzy’s has the same mentality with everything they create and they’ve been a great partner to work with. Plus, there is no better example of this philosophy than an Izzy’s pickle!”

Like Izzy's, Urban Artifact is determined to keep homemade yesteryear recipes and traditions alive. Izzy’s recipes have been handed down through generations, and Urban Artifact brews wild beers. Wild beers are made in the old-fashioned tradition of using wild yeast and bacteria to create totally unique cultures. The result is earthy, sour and gaining popularity.

The big release party is 4-8 p.m. Friday, July 14 at Urban Artifact (1660 Blue Rock St., Northside). This pickle party will have Pickle in cans and on draft paired with Izzy-tizers. A few lucky winners will walk away with fun Pickle swag that’d make a 2010 Snooki green with envy.

After July 14th, pick up Pickle through the Urban Artifact taproom, and at select Izzy’s locations. Quantities are limited.

Ready or not, pickle flavored beer is coming!

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