Where Cincinnati Ranks For Fast-Food Lovers Compared to Other Cities

Calling all fast-foodies!

Nov 16, 2022 at 11:46 am
click to enlarge Cincinnati may not be the best city to be in if you're a fast-food lover, says this study. - Photo: McDonald's/Facebook.com
Photo: McDonald's/Facebook.com
Cincinnati may not be the best city to be in if you're a fast-food lover, says this study.

Sometimes, you just want to hit the drive-thru for something fast and maybe a little greasy and bad for you (no judgment). LawnStarter understands, which is why they recently released a study looking at where 200 of the biggest cities in the United States ranks when it comes to fast-food.

On the list, Cincinnati ranks in the bottom half if you’re looking for finger-lickin’ goodness, coming in at No. 133. Columbus ranked highest among the Ohio cities on the list at No. 74. Dayton was ranked 154th, Toledo 178th and Cleveland 187th.

In Kentucky, Louisville is No. 43 on the list, and Lexington came in at No. 56.

To figure out where each city ranked, LawnStarter looked at three key factors: access, quality and affordability. Quality was weighted the heaviest, looking at metrics like customer ratings across all fast-food establishments, as well as the number of ratings each place had. It also took into account the number of Fasties Award-winning restaurants in each city.

Access looked at the number of fast-food restaurants per square mile, as well as the number of Fasties Award-winning places per square mile. It also considered the number of food delivery services.

Finally, affordability looked at the cost of a McDonald’s combo meal and other brands’ equivalents. This was adjusted for income.

Overall, Cincinnati earned a score of 36.56. We ranked 60th in access, but 146th in quality and 148th in affordability. Louisville, on the other hand, did the best of our neighboring cities. It earned a total score of 45.5 and placed 5th in access. It was also ranked No. 2 when it came to access to Fasties Award-winning restaurants.

And while Cincinnati may not have ranked high in this study, we boast some pretty impressive local fast-food chains with good variety. If you want Cincinnati-style chili, Skyline and Goldstar can serve that up pretty quickly. Pizza? LaRosa's. Currito offers fast grain bowls, burritos and smoothies. Izzy’s has the World’s Best Reuben, and Tom + Chee wins in cozy comfort food with its grilled cheeses and soups. And, for dessert, you can beat Graeter’s for a scoop or ice cream.

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