Yee Mama Will Serve Fresh Wontons To-Go from Over-the-Rhine's Findlay Kitchen

Owner Chiuyee Cheng is bringing the fresh flavors and philosophy of Cantonese cooking to the Queen City

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Yee Mama

A tasty new pop-up will be joining the Findlay Kitchen this August, offering freshly made wontons in a variety of flavors. 

Yee Mama, owned by Chiuyee Cheng, will bring the flavors and philosophy of Cantonese cooking to the Queen City. 

The inspiration behind the wonton pop-up is derived from Cheng's connection with where she grew up. After eventually moving to the United States from Hong Kong, Cheng cooked meals to remind her of home.

"It is a way for me to stay connected with my cultural identity, and I have developed a new appreciation of Cantonese cuisine in the cooking process. I want to share the flavors that I love and crave with the Cincinnati community," she said in an email interview.

"Cantonese cooking focuses on creating a harmony of flavors and bringing out the flavors of fresh ingredients. I apply the techniques of traditional Cantonese cooking and draw inspirations from other Asian cuisines to create my wonton recipes and sauces." 

Cheng said Yee Mama will offer wonton kits that include a dozen wontons, your choice of sauce, garnishing herbs and instructions for how to cook them.

Wonton options will include chicken and sweet basil, pork and shiitake, pork and shiso, chicken and wood ear mushroom, with sauce options (all made in-house) including sweet soy scallion or garlic and spicy chili sauce.

Many folks are familiar with wonton-adjacent dishes like dumplings or gyoza, but Cheng says that most restaurants around here don't highlight the star of her pop-up business.

"I think wontons deserve more hype in the dumpling world! It’s a hearty and comforting dish that can be served as both an appetizer and a main course," Cheng said.

"Yee Mama wontons are stuffed with delicious, juicy fillings and wrapped in a silky, translucent wrapper. Our version of wontons is quite different from the wonton soup that is offered in most American Chinese restaurants."

Ordering for the weekly pop-up will go live at noon on Sundays, with curbside pick-up from Findlay Market available on the following Wednesday. Cheng says they are slated to open the first week of August. Check Yee Mama's Facebook or Instagram for updates.

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