‘Clockwork’ Petition Auctioned

Mick Jagger wanted 'Clockwork Orange' role, label goes on sale on Craigslist and Urban Outfitters gets in on the cassette trend

HOT: ‘Clockwork’ Petition Auctioned

It appears silly, useless petitions didn’t start with the Internet. A letter from 1968 petitioning the makers of a film version of Anthony Burgess’ book A Clockwork Orange to hire The Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger for the lead role will go up for auction at the end of the month. The petition, signed by all of The Beatles and other big-name pals, was in protest of the casting of David Hemmings in the role (ultimately, censors banned the original script and Malcolm McDowell starred in Stanley Kubrick’s 1971 version). Legend has it that Jagger — who had reportedly bought the film rights from Burgess for $500, but sold them off for a profit — wanted his co-Stones to co-star and The Beatles to create the soundtrack.

Mick and the Stones from the same year he and his friends were angling for the Clockwork role. What could have been?:

ROLLING STONES - Sympathy For The Devil [R & R Circus 1968] HD from DownUnder on Vimeo.

WARM: Label for Sale

You can now play global conglomerate and purchase your very own record label. Canadian “

extreme and underground Metal/Noise”

imprint Handshake Inc. is on sale for $5,000. If you’re worried about the hassle of such a transaction, fear not — Handshake’s sale was posted on Craigslist , so you may even be able to buy it with your PayPal account. The listing says the sale includes the label’s back catalog, royalties, international distribution channels and remaining stock, as well as 2,000 Twitter followers and 2,000 Facebook likes. And lest you think this is a joke, the listing makes it clear that it is accepting “serious inquiries only.”

Along with music, Handshake Inc. has released three DVDs of films featuring footage from Maryland Deathfest.

COLD: R.I.P. (Again) Cassettes

The “cassette revival” was an interesting little music trend for a while there, seemingly fueled by “ironic” music fans who weren’t around to remember just how fragile tapes were and how awful they sounded. But the trend appears to truly be over now that Urban Outfitters, one of the major retailers supporting that other format fad (vinyl), has announced that several of its stores will carry cassette versions of new Indie albums (also being sold online). The stores and website are also selling new players upon which customers may listen to their new tapes (until they break, unravel or get eaten by said player).

Listen to what you're missing, non-tapeheads!:

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