Afghan Whigs, The Eagles and Booty Dance

Defunct Cincinnati-bred rockers The Afghan Whigs have a great rare track posted on their MySpace page: a cover of John Lennon's "Woman," originally recorded for a planned (then shelved) Lennon tribute album in the mid-'90s. The group had trouble with the

Apr 22, 2009 at 2:06 pm


Defunct Cincinnati-bred rockers The Afghan Whigs (pictured in their heyday) have a great rare track posted on their MySpace page. The song is a cover of John Lennon’s “Woman,” originally recorded for a planned (then shelved) Lennon tribute album in the mid-’90s. The group had trouble with the song initially because it was based around a looped sample from The Beatles’ McCartney-penned hit “The Long and Winding Road.”

According to a note on the band’s page, the sample of Phil Spector’s string arrangement in the classic song’s bridge got the ax after Sir Paul flatly denied permission. The sample was replaced by a faithful recreation on a mellotron. It’s a very interesting track that is just now seeing the light of day. Check it:


The battle between bleeding-heart, terrorist-loving, America-hating liberal songwriters and the conservative Republican officials who can’t seem to stop using their songs for campaign purposes continues. (To be fair to conservatives, how many times can you use Ted Nugent songs to sell your campaign?)

For this round, we have Eagles drummer Don Henley filing suit against California Assemblyman Chuck DeVore for the Republican’s unauthorized use of the “rocker’s” (as reporters have so unjustly been calling Henley) solo hits “Boys of Summer” and “All She Wants to Do Is Dance.” DeVore is using the lawsuit to create some specter of oppression via “liberal goon tactics” (as he calls them), but he actually has a legitimate defense: Political free speech in satire or parody is perfectly legal, and since DeVore had Henley’s lyrics changed in both songs to make his political statement he should be in the clear.

First, DeVore took a swing at Obama with “After the Hope of November Has Gone.” The second parody, “All She Wants to Do Is Tax,” a love letter to liberal queen bee (and soon-to-be political opponent of DeVore’s) Barbara Boxer, is gone from YouTube thanks to Henley and Co.’s legal action, but DeVore proudly reposts the “new” lyrics on his campaign site. “Weird” Al (or Capitol Steps, an ancient political satire group DeVore cites in his defense), he ain’t — “Barbara Boxer talkin’ round/ Control in her sight/ And all she wants to do is tax, tax/ Wild-eyed global warmers/ Who ain’t afraid to lie/ And all she wants to do is tax.”

Wait ’til Joe Walsh gets a load of “Life’s Been Good to Liberal-Elite Socialists Who Eat Brie and Take Your Hard-Earned Money So Far.”


It’s funny how pirates have gone from kidfriendly cool guys to murderous hooligans in just a couple of years. Another kind of buccaneer, the dreaded “Internet pirate,” also made dubious news recently.

The founders of Swedish bit-torrent tracker site (which connects those who want to share files) The Pirate Bay were found guilty of breaking copyright laws and were ordered to pay damages of about $3.5 million to the violated copyright holders. The four swashbucklers said they can’t and won’t pay, and their lawyer has filed an appeal.

Those in the hacker community showed their support by hacking the Web site of the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry. Seems that the question of whether facilitating illegal downloading is in itself illegal is still arrrrrggghh-uable. (Sorry, we can’t resist a bad pirate joke.)