Alt Jeopardy

Plus, Schoolboy Q offers free pass and Michael Bolton gives up

Dec 18, 2013 at 9:25 am


“Alt” Music Has Finally Made It!

Alternative music fans visiting with Grandma on Dec. 10 during Jeopardy likely mopped the floor with her while playing along — at least in one category. The game show’s “Alt” category focused on that crazy, new Alternative revolution all the kids are so into right now. The contestants fared well (showing knowledge of Sigur Ros’ Icelandic origins and recognizing a photo of Daft Punk), though a question about an “undead band” with a 2013 hit “punnily titled ‘Diane Young’” threw everyone off, including the man who thought it was horrible L.A. Rap Rock band Hollywood Undead. His response — “Who is Hollywood Undead?” — was likely echoed by 99 percent of those watching, though, to be fair, “Who is Vampire Weekend?” probably registered a similar amount of viewer confusion.


An ‘N-Word’ Free Pass?

Are you a white person who has always wanted to scream the “N-word” in a crowd that includes many African Americans? Well, you have some deep problems. But you also now have an option. On TBS’s The Pete Holmes Show, Schoolboy Q said not only is he cool with white people singing along, even on the “N-word” parts, he stops his show to encourage them to rap along on a song in which he uses the word a lot. “I usually stop (the song), because all of the white people be scared to say it,” he told Holmes. “And I make them say the hook … and everybody says, ‘Ahhhhhhh,’ and think I’m this super down-to-earth dude … but I just want (them) to say it.” Quentin Tarantino just found his new best friend.


Embrace the Cheese

Michael Bolton was once a certified Pop superstar, selling more than 60 million albums. He never stopped releasing music, but by the mid-’90s, his popularity dwindled. Even at his peak, Bolton was widely mocked for his lightweight Mom Pop and now, after years of being ridiculed (from Office Space to The Lonely Island’s “Jack Sparrow” song/video), Bolton has given in and fully embraced his “I’m so horrible it’s high-larious!” status. Though it seems a bit premature (he certainly seemed capable of some sort of legit comeback), Bolton decided to eschew the county fair circuit and cash in on being America’s whipping boy, starring in some trying-way-too-hard-to-be-funny Honda car commercials, just in time for the holidays. Hey, those hair plugs aren’t going to pay for themselves.