Ashes to Mosh Pits

Plus, 7,000 Belgian AC/DC concertgoers request refunds after Axl Rose is announced as guest singer and The Rolling Stones join the ever-expanding ilst of musical acts that want nothing to do with Trump

click to enlarge Dying Fetus member holds up vial of fan's ashes, asks Facebook followers if they should sprinkle them on the pit (they did)
Dying Fetus member holds up vial of fan's ashes, asks Facebook followers if they should sprinkle them on the pit (they did)

HOT: Ashes to Mosh Pits

If you’re a fan of extreme Metal and your dying wish is to have your ashes scattered into a mosh pit during a show, you don’t have to call the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Three bands reportedly scattered the ashes of a man identified only as “Nick” at recent shows in Chicago. Dying Fetus posted a photo on social media of the vial with Nick’s remains, later posting they were released during Nick’s favorite song, “Homicidal Retribution.” Meanwhile, the bands Behemoth and Taake also granted Nick’s dying wish during the same week at tour stops in the Windy City. The tributes show how most Metal bands are among the fan-friendliest in all of music. In other news, Justin Bieber just announced he'll no longer take photos with fans.

WARM: Fans Request AXL/DC Refunds

Axl Rose began his stint fronting AC/DC on May 7 in Portugal, and the show was well-received by the fans and critics who witnessed the Guns N’ Roses singer’s debut as a stand-in for longtime singer Brian Johnson. That may mean there are 7,000 Belgian fans who are regretting their decision to take the legendary Hard Rock group up on its offer of a refund for its previously booked May 16 concert in Werchter, Belgium. The refund cash-ins had to sting a little, but it could have been much worse — according to some reports, singers from AC/DC tribute bands were also considered to replace Johnson.

COLD: Stones Press Pause on Trump

The Rolling Stones are the latest musicians to tell Donald Trump to stop using their music at rallies. The band’s complaint came after Trump officially became the “presumptive GOP nominee” and walked out to deliver his victory speech to the strains of “Start Me Up,” but Trump rallies have included other Stones songs, including (curiously) “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.” Trump’s camp has the legal right to play the music due to obtaining “blanket” publishing rights for usage, but the campaign has so far backed down when asked to stop (R.E.M., Adele, Neil Young, Steven Tyler and others have made similar requests). Soon, all Trump will have left to play is public domain music. “Ta Ra Ra Boom De Ay” is available!

They have sympathy for the devil, but not for Donald Trump:

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