Band of Horses

Oct. 10 • Bogart's

Oct 8, 2012 at 10:02 am

Band of Horses is back and its music is sexier than ever. The members’ beards are luscious and their button-down shirts are oh-so-tantalizing, but it’s BoH’s awesome new(ish) sound that will truly make you squirm.

BoH’s new album, Mirage Rock, marks the band’s fourth studio full-length and its first produced by the legendary Glyn Johns. Mirage Rock hit shelves in September and, while it hasn’t earned quite the attention of previous album Infinite Arms, it still feels infinitely more natural for the band. It’s a little scraggly and far less practiced and perfect. Mirage Rock strips away the pedals and computers of BoH’s recent work and replaces them with more crisp vocals and less experimental tangents. The album was recorded live and to tape, adding to the vintage quality of BoH’s music. It’s perfect in its imperfection.

Despite finding its biggest chart successes in Norway (of all places), Band of Horses originally hails from the same never-ceasing Seattle music scene that’s given the world bands like Nirvana, The Postal Service, The Fleet Foxes and even Jimi Hendrix. Completing the Country-tinged Rock vibe, the band eventually relocated from Washington to North Carolina. The members now (probably) enjoy being referred to as sexy mountain men instead of sexy hipsters.

BAND OF HORSES perform Wednesday, Oct. 10 at Bogart's in Corryville. Buy tickets, check out performance times and get venue details here.