Banner Pilot with The Dopamines, Mixtapes and others

Nov. 5 • Southgate House (Parlour)

Nov 2, 2010 at 2:06 pm

Whether it’s the Arctic winter temperatures and the resultant hibernation into creative mode or there’s just something extra in all of their 10,000 lakes, clearly Minneapolis has an interesting, diverse and pervasive music scene. From the city’s Punk division comes Banner Pilot, a quartet of almost psychopathically busy musicians who started off as Rivethead in the late 1990s, broke up and then morphed (or maybe vice versa) into their current status five years ago.

After a self-released EP and a well-received debut for Go-Kart, 2008’s Resignation Day, the band piqued the interest of Fat Mike, which led to a contract with Fat Wreck Chords and its sophomore album, 2009’s much loved Collapser. Original guitarist/frontman Mike Johnson returned to school in the midst of recording and was replaced by Corey Ayd. Guitarist and founder Nate Gangelhoff has jokingly self-described the band’s sound as a knife fight between Jawbreaker, The Lawrence Arms and Alkaline Trio, with Jawbreaker just barely winning.

The busy part of Banner Pilot’s schedule comes from dividing time between BP and their extracurricular activities. Gangelhoff also sporadically plays with The Gateway District, Pyongyang Metro, The Legendary San Diego Chargers and Off With Their Heads and is a writer (Arsenic Books recently published You Idiot, a compilation of pieces culled from Gangelhoff’s You Idiot and Whiskey Plus culture-and-music ’zines), Ayd is the vocalist/guitarist for the Manix and both Johnson and drummer Dan Elston-Jones have pulled double duty and likely will again.

When they're all together as Banner Pilot, though, the Twin Cities quartet blisters and burns like classic Dillinger Four with that abrasive melodicism that Jawbreaker did so well. And the band is touring with and happen to love Cincinnati’s own Dopamines, so there’s your Punk Housekeeping seal of approval.

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