BM Linx

Dec. 4 • Mayday

Dec 1, 2009 at 2:06 pm

When you read a review of a live show by New York City trio BM Linx, there's a common opinion: The band rocks ... surprisingly hard. The “surprise” isn’t meant as a slight; it’s not that the band’s somewhat trippy, Electro-flourished Riff Rock isn’t highly crafty, catchy and enjoyable on its two albums (2006’s more New Wave-y debut The Portable Genius and last year’s harder Black Entertainment), it’s just that reviewers are often blown away by BM Linx’s more straightforward, powerhouse live performances, where the Electronic elements take a backseat to a rawer, more immediate energy.

With the increased popularity of Disco-singed Indie Rock, more and more bands are becoming fairly predictable with their approach. The “Rock” element of their Electro Rock is often buried amidst slick and shiny technological aspects. But, like a hearty mix of Wolfmother, Orbitaland MGMT, BM Linx brings a much truer Rock & Roll heart to the concept, especially when the threesome takes to the stage, as they will Friday at Northside’s Mayday.

(Check out performance times for the free show and get venue details here.)