Sunday • Bogart’s

Jan 21, 2015 at 12:32 pm

To say that Israeli Electronic Dance producer/DJ Borgore has a broad range would be the understatement of the ages. Borgore (born Asaf Yoseph Borger in Tel Aviv) began his musical journey as a music school student before a brief stint seven years ago as the drummer for Shabira, that rarest of musical entities, an Israeli Deathcore band.

Inspired to try his hand at the turntables after seeing a show headlined by Skream and Benga, Borgore mashed up his Deathcore experience with his newfound Dubstep interests to create a throbbingly unique dance sound. Borgore released his debut album, Gorestep: Vol. 1, in 2009. Within a year, he formed his own label, Buygore Records, and released his two-part song cycle, Borgore Ruined Dubstep, a title perhaps lifted from the numerous snarky comments that seem to appear on sites that post information on him (one reads, “Before he made shitty Brostep, he made shitty Deathcore”).

Although Borgore has dropped nearly 30 titles since 2009 — mixtapes, EPs and full-lengths, and even a greatest hits compilation, The Filthiest Hits … So Far, in 2011 — nearly every site that referenced last year’s #NEWGOREORDER identified it as his full-length studio debut. The album featured actor Malcolm McDowell on the title track and Miley Cyrus on the single “Decisions” (some commentators have smirkingly speculated that Borgore was instrumental in Miley Cyrus’ stylistic and attitudinal shift on 2013’s Bangerz, since “Decisions” was originally released in 2012).

Borgore’s latest effort, The Buygore Show, was released last week and is actually a showcase for his label’s roster. Highlights include “Lindsay Lohan,” Borgore’s collaboration with Jauz, and the scorching “Blow Your Mind” with BLVCKSTAR and Ookay.

Borgore’s last tour was a virtual sell-out everywhere; follow the long line to a sweat-drenched and fully packed dance floor.

BORGORE plays at Bogart's Sunday, Jan. 25. Find tickets/more info here .