Canadian Folk Duo Madison Violet to Play in Northern Kentucky This Week

The award-winning twosome plays The Southgate House Revival Aug. 15 in support of their latest album, 'Everything’s Shifting'

Aug 13, 2019 at 1:23 pm

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Madison Violet
Maybe it’s their direct connection to their English roots, but Canadians seem to have a flawless ability to translate and reinvent the Folk form. And Madison Violet certainly follows the timeless traditions of the likes of Joni Mitchell, Gordon Lightfoot, Bruce Cockburn and the McGarrigle sisters. 

Lisa MacIsaac, the sister of renowned Canadian fiddler Ashley MacIsaac, and Brenley MacEachern met in the late ’90s while MacEachern was a member of Zoebliss; the pair became a romantic couple before MacIsaac joined the band just prior to its 1999 dissolution. After the demise of Zoebliss, multi-instrumentalists MacIsaac and MacEachern forged ahead as a duo, initially dubbed Madviolet, and recorded three albums before changing their name to Madison Violet for their fourth album, 2009’s No Fool for Trying, their debut album for respected Canadian indie label True North Records.

By the time MacIsaac and MacEachern had signed with True North, they had already earned four East Coast Music Award nominations and another from the Canadian Folk Music Awards for Best Vocal Group. After the release of No Fool for Trying, Madison Violet scored a Juno Award nomination for Best Roots/Traditional Album. No Fool for Trying also spawned “The Ransom,” which won Song of the Year in the 2010 John Lennon Songwriting Contest.

Madison Violet wrapped up their True North contract with the 2013 live album, Come As You Are, and then signed with Ultra Records for 2016’s The Year of the Horse, which found them incorporating more Electronic and Pop elements, particularly synthesizers, into their sound, while retaining the distinctly personal songwriting style that has earned them a devoted fan base. After 2017’s The Knight Sessions, Madison Violet largely returned to their earlier Folk/Roots direction with their latest album, Everything’s Shifting, from the atmospheric lope of “Nobody” to the energetic jump of “Second Hand Fiction” to the stripped-down and emotionally powerful “Heart Worth Fixing.”

It’s astonishing to think that Madison Violet has been mining great material from their musical souls for the past 20 years, but it just goes to show: If it ain’t broke, fiddle with it.

Madison Violet plays the Southgate House Revival on Thursday, Aug. 15.