Celebrate the New U.S. Military Branch Space Force in September with Some Stellar Cincinnati Music

In honor of the U.S.A.’s imminent militarization of space, artists like Black Signal, Lazy Ass Destroyer, Near Earth Objects, DJ Mowgli, Common Center and many others are teaming up for a big concert in Newport, Ky.

click to enlarge PEW PEW PEW! - Photo: @MikeBreen513
Photo: @MikeBreen513

Yeah, libcucks and Dumbocrats are having some laughs at the expense of the U.S.A.’s forthcoming expansion of our might with the very smart, not at all distracting or too expensive new military branch, Space Force. But they won’t be laughing when our brave men and women fly a fleet of Millennium Falcons to Mars to save everyone by shooting down the illegal, probably MS-13-affiliated aliens planning to encase our great country in a Martian Jello mold and force us to live in the dark, cold, perhaps lime-flavored Jello country under Sharia Space Law!

True patriots like Alex Jones and Donald Trump know the threat of space warfare is right around the corner and will do anything to protect the millions of miles above the U.S. — tweet, yell, make logos, sell t-shirts… anything.

Joining the cause of promoting Space Force*, several musical acts from Greater Cincinnati are teaming up for a concert on Sept. 1 at Southgate House Revival. Billed as “Enlist in Space Force,” it’s unclear if recruiters will be on hand to actually sign those interested up for service, but organizers will hopefully at least have some of those amazing t-shirts for sale.

The Facebook event page says, “Come join us for a night of celebration as we prepare for our last days on earth!,” which sounds scary until you realize they probably just mean it’s a farewell for all of the participating musicians who have enlisted and will soon be space-bound to fight for our country.

Here’s the lineup (more acts are TBA):

Oso Bear

Common Center

Sleep Crawling

New Third Worlds

Drop The Sun




Von Claire

Disaster Class

Black Signal

Little Lights

Under Tipper

Andre the Iron Giant


Curse of Cassandra

Mara Moon

Stitches & Seams

Near Earth Objects

Vice Ensemble

DJ Mowgli

Judge & Jury

Actual Italians

Brian & Adam

Lazy Ass Destroyer



* Not actually affiliated with Space Force, Donald Trump, The Trump Organization, InfoWars or the U.S. Government. All proceeds to benefit Planned Parenthood.

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