Charlie Daniels Band

March 17 • Rising Star Casino

Mar 9, 2012 at 10:13 am

Long before Hank Williams Jr. was banned from Monday Night Football, Kanye interrupted Taylor Swift and the Dixie Chicks ticked off the entire Republican party, one musician has continually spoken out against the unfair, the unquestioned and the un-American. That man is Charlie Daniels.

Born in 1936 in North Carolina — and eager to get out — Daniels formed a band right out of high school and set out on the road. He landed in Nashville and got a job as a session musician. Daniels found his niche not among the regular Nashville crowd, but with a grittier bunch of folks. His music, which often features his comments on hot political issues, was more of the Southern Rock variety, a genre that was all the rage at the time. Daniels fit the mentality perfectly. 

Daniels’ fifth album, Fire on the Mountain, was his first to go Platinum. It included hits like “Long Haired Country Boy” and the old favorite, “Orange Blossom Special.”

His most popular single to date is 1979’s fiddle-laden “The Devil Went Down to Georgia.” The song has been covered and recorded by numerous bands, including, most recently, The Zac Brown Band.

At 75, Daniels still tours regularly and comments on the state of our country more than ever. Whether he’s wielding a fiddle or a pen, Charlie Daniels is a force to be reckoned with.

CHARLIE DANIELS BAND plays Saturday, March 17 at the Rising Star Casino in Rising Sun, Ind. Buy tickets, check out performance tickets and get venue details here.