Cincinnati Musicians: Create a 513 Anthem to Win $1,000 and Have Your Song Broadcasted On Air

Show your love for the Queen City, and win some cool prizes while you're at it

May 13, 2020 at 1:41 pm
click to enlarge Producers PXVCE Productions, Kick Lee and M80 Beats created the 513 anthem beat musicians can work with - Photo:
Producers PXVCE Productions, Kick Lee and M80 Beats created the 513 anthem beat musicians can work with

A new contest is asking Cincinnati creatives to use their talents to show some pride for their city — and win some prizes in the process.

513 Anthem, a collaboration between Cincy Nice and Little Kings Brewery, knows if there's one thing that can bring a community together, it's music. And the Queen City is much deserving of a special ballad.

The contest kicks off on May 13, aka 5/13, and asks music makers of all genres, levels and backgrounds to participate, with artist collaborations encouraged.

"We’re looking for a song that shares all about the community here, the experience, the stories, the feeling of being Cincinnati," a press release from the organizers reads. 

But they aren't just looking for musicians, they're in need of passionate Cincinnatians who can help vote for their favorites. 

Submissions for songs ends on at 12:59 p.m. on May 24 and voting begins the following day through May 30. 

Official judges include DJ Etrayn, Tropikana and Nella D of Wiz Nation's 101.1, Weston Hebert of Bogart's and more. The panel will evaluate songs based on several factors including song structure and composition, lyrics, music and melody and originality.

First prize (judge's choice) winner receives $1,000; first place (people's choice) winner receives $513; second place (people's choice) winner receives a home studio kit. The winner will also have the opportunity to hear their song on 101.1 The Wiz.

“The 513 Anthem Contest, just like Cincy Nice, is about bringing people together, especially our creative community,” said William Thomas, co-founder of Cincy Nice and MORTAR, in a release. “With everyone being quarantined and now adjusting to a summer of cancelled gigs and events, we know it’s hard for most artists to connect, create, and earn wages. That’s the goal of this contest. To shine a light on our talented artist community, invoke some city pride, and lift spirits the way only music can.” 

Three Cincinnati producers — PXVCE, Kick Lee and M80 Beats — have contributed beats to work on, though you are welcome to create your own.

“What better way to demonstrate and celebrate the power of community while we're still staying a safe distance apart?” says Pxvce of PXVCE Productions and popular local musical group TRIIIBE in the press release. “I was hyped to contribute some instrumentals to help get contestants started. It’s great that the whole city can participate whether you're creating a song or voting for the next anthem.”

Read the full details about the contest here.