Cincinnati R&B/Pop/Hip Hop Artist Audley Announces Release Date for Sophomore Album "ROY"

The album, which has been in the works since November 2019, is a fluid shift between R&B and Hip Hop. It drops Sept. 4, with two preview singles coming in August.

Jul 29, 2020 at 3:04 pm
click to enlarge "Roy" album cover with gem work by Nora Molinaro - Photo: Taylor Hughes
Photo: Taylor Hughes
"Roy" album cover with gem work by Nora Molinaro

Cincinnati-based musician Johnny Audley Glover, known as Audley to his fans, just announced he'll be releasing his sophomore album, ROY, on all streaming platforms Sept. 4.

The album, which has been in the works since November 2019, is a fluid shift between R&B and Hip Hop. Audley says the catchy melodically driven tracks were influenced by emotional funk combined with electronic sounds to create a conglomerate of genres which have inspired him in the past. 

Taking inspiration from photos and cinema, fashion and graphic designers, Audley wrote poetry which eventually developed into lyrics for ROY.

“I feel like I see the most around me and within me that I ever have in my entire life and I’m trying to speak that truth,” he says. “This album is really a testament to the chapter of my life where I was in a really strange place...and I just started listening not only to what’s around me, but what is inside of me.” 

Audley adds that ROY is a creative collaboration with multiple Cincinnati-based producers including internetboy, Devin Burgess, Stallitix, SmokeFace and GrandAce. Studio sessions were completed with Columbus-based Chris Dickerson back in January, but Audley chose to hold off on releasing the album for a variety of reasons — primarily the current state of society. 

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic also presented unforeseen circumstances throughout the recording process, but Audley says he was able to use his time in self-quarantine to polish the album even further.

As a fierce social justice advocate, Audley says he felt called to push back the release date of ROY due to the recent Black Lives Matter protests around the country. He says he felt like his energy was meant to be used to support the movement instead. 

“I still have slight hesitancy to put it our right now because there’s still so much work to be done (for Black Lives Matter), but I’ve hit this revelation that I cannot control how people perceive my actions,” he says. “As long as I know I’m doing the work, and I know that it’s a long-term fight for me, I can’t worry about how people (perceive) the shift of my (social media) pages.”

This is a sentiment that rings true through ROY as well. Audley hopes the album will help listeners understand that everyone moves at different speeds in all aspects of their lives, and that’s OK. 

“I want people to hear this album and hear how free I am in the songs and understand that the only way I could have done that was by slowing down,” he says. “I was running so fast to a point where I was burning the candle from a million different ends and I got burnt out.

"I want people to understand that if you have an inkling that you’re stuck, you have to do something about it.” 

The first single off ROY will be released on Aug. 14, followed by a second single release on Aug. 28 prior to the album drop. Stay up to date with Audley’s releases on Soundcloud.