Cincinnati Rockers Foxy Shazam Release Comeback Music Video 'Dreamer' After Six-Year Hiatus

The band, which had a sold-out comeback show planned for April, has released the music video for the single they dropped over the summer

Aug 20, 2020 at 12:37 pm

Foxy Shazam - Photo: Scott Beseler/Paul Coors
Photo: Scott Beseler/Paul Coors
Foxy Shazam

After a six-year hiatus, Cincinnati Rockers Foxy Shazam reconvened this year to share their music with the longing ears of their fans. The group released their single "Dreamer" in July and its accompanying music video on Aug. 19. 

But according to vocalist Eric Nally, this new segment of their journey doesn't feel like reunion to them — since announcing plans to cancel all forthcoming tours in 2014 in order spend some time with their families and pursue other artistic endeavors, they never stopped playing together. "The only difference is that we’re sharing this with you now," Nally said in an email interview. 

And folks are pretty happy they've decided to do so. After promoting the release and a new interview with Consequence of Sound on their Instagram, the YouTube video racked up more than 11,000 views in one day, with over 100 comments from fans expressing their love for the creation and the band's return. 

The music video, which was directed by Scott Fredette and Eric Nally, opens on the band, fully glammed-up with a stage set up in a garage. The garage door opens to reveal the Foxy Shazam crew, who — while playing throughout the video — exude an energy reminiscent of their onstage performances. The group shots are intercut with ethereal clips of Nally wandering through soft scenes of nature. The video ends with a power-packed Rock & Roll finale complete with strobes and sparklers.

“Nature is a profound intuition that has deep meaning to me. I try to apply it to everything in my life, especially when it comes to creating music,” Nally told Consequence of Sound. “‘​Dreamer’ was one of my first conscious attempts to express this invisible force. I think it’s somewhat indescribable for a reason. You have to find it on a personal level and trust that it will connect you with everything.”

During the group's break, keyboardist Sky White has played with Cincinnati artists including Freekbass and J Dorsey and vocalist and horn player Alex Nauth has been working with his band The Skulx. Nally toured and recorded as a solo artist and enjoyed mainstream success with his collaborations with Macklemore.

Former bassist Daisy Caplan has been touring with Kate Wakefield in their Post Punk duo Lung, in which he plays drums. He announced earlier this year that he would not be rejoining Foxy.

But according to Nally, the musicians who make up the band are ever changing.

"Every musician who has been a part of Foxy has impacted who we are and allowed us to grow into what we are today," he says. "We’re always looking to work with other artists who can influence our future."

And Foxy fans can breathe easier about that future. When asked about the band's plans moving forward, Nally responded with: "Foxy forever." 

After a month of teasers leading up to the news, Foxy Shazam first announced their comeback in February, with a performance planned at the Taft Theatre in April. The show sold out in one hour, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, it has been postponed until Jan. 30, 2021. 

We asked Nally if they plan to do any livestreams in the meantime, to which he replied, "We believe the full Foxy experience has always been at its fullest on stage. Until we’re able to do that, we will continue to find ways to connect with our fans."

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