Cincinnati Singer/Musician Jess Lamb to Debut New "Gospel-Industrial" Project Hynterlands This Week

Hynterlands' live debut is set for MOTR Pub on Friday, Dec. 13. The debut EP from the secretive project — which also features Lamb's longtime collaborator Warren Harrison — drops earlier that day

Dec 9, 2019 at 4:09 pm
Hynterlands' 'Hynterlands' EP - Provided
Hynterlands' 'Hynterlands' EP

This Friday, Dec. 13, Jess Lamb and Warren Harrison — who've played steadily around town for the past couple of years with Jess Lamb and the Factory — will be debuting their new "Gospel-Industrial" project, Hynterlands.

The new act will make its live debut Friday night with a free show at MOTR Pub. They'll be joined by Molly Sullivan, Siri Imani, Krystal Peterson and Anna Applegate for the 10 p.m. show.

Earlier Friday, Hynterlands' debut EP will be released on most major digital platforms. Find links for the project and EP (including how to pre-save the release on Spotify) here.

Harrison, Lamb and bandmate Kris Linkugel recently appeared on the Easy Mojo podcast to talk about the new project and also premiere a track. They've been a bit secretive about the new work, describing Hynterlands only as "something weird" on the podcast. At the end of the episode, though, they debut a slinky, compelling Electronic track from the new EP.

More info will be available at

UPDATE: Hynterlands' two-song release is out now and it's amazing.