Cincinnati Tribal Rock Band Acarya Explores Love, Family and Togetherness on Debut Album, 'The Way Home'

The band's latest release showcases its new quintet format and is set for an Oct. 10 release

Oct 9, 2019 at 9:01 am

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Provided by the artist
Self-described “Tribal Rock” group Acarya was formed by singer/songwriter/guitarist Wes Davidson and percussionist extraordinaire Liz Wu at the start of the decade. After a few EP releases and extended touring over the years, the group is gearing up for the release of its debut full-length album, The Way Home, which will be available starting Thursday, Oct. 10 at (you can stream the tracks now).

The album is a wonderful showcase of Acarya’s expanded lineup of the past couple of years, which saw the group add bassist Jack Youngblood, electric guitarist Max Patrick and Hannah MacNeal on viola.

“We've matured a bit over the last few years, focusing the story selection of the songs on elements of healing and togetherness rather than isolation,” Davidson says via email of the new album and the band’s literal and figurative growth. “With the focus of the music being on family and togetherness, we wanted a group of voices that could sing together.”

Wu’s deep, sprawling rhythms and Davidson’s soulful, soaring acoustic guitar and vocals create a huge sound already, as evidenced on 2013’s Reperio Terra EP, but The Way Home boosts their hypnotic, textural AltRock sound even more, adding more shadows and colors and accentuating the stories contained within the songs.

“Thematically, each of the songs in this collection is a love song of sorts — the bond of family, the care of a stranger, the quest of a seeker, the innocence of love,” Wu explains of The Way Home.

Acarya’s music has an engagingly organic rise-and-fall dynamic full of drama, romance and mystery and that wide-screen vision echoes works by everyone from Peter Gabriel to U2 to Imagine Dragons throughout The Way Home. Part of the power of the album comes from the artists’ careful control of each aspect of its production, allowing them too see their vision through to completion.

“In terms of production, we did everything in house, literally — Wes recorded and engineered every aspect of the music in his basement,” Wu says. “Our goal was to capture the energy of a live performance, so the listener could really feel like they were in the room with the band. We also added layers and nuances so listeners can continuously discover new elements each time they return to a song.”

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