Cincinnati’s Walk the Moon Joins Fellow AltPop Artist Morgxn For a “Home” Makeover

The slight reworking of the L.A.-based singer/songwriter’s previously-released single was inspired by a recent on-stage collaboration at Lollapalooza

click to enlarge Morgxn and Nicholas Petricca - Photo: Dusty Kessler
Photo: Dusty Kessler
Morgxn and Nicholas Petricca

Nashville-bred/L.A.-based AltPop artist Morgxn has released his collaboration with Cincinnati hitmakers Walk the Moon (or at least with singer Nicholas Petricca, though the full band is credited). “Home” is a re-recording of Morgxn’s biggest single, which was first released in 2017 and then included on his album Vital from earlier this year.

So why re-record your biggest hit (with nearly 8 million streams on Spotify) so soon after it made such a big splash initially? Petricca was a fan of the song; having known Morgxn previously, he'd heard an early demo of it. He joined Morgxn on stage at Chicago's Lollapalooza festival to sing it with him last month.

There’s not a lot of difference between the two versions — even the singers’ voices are somewhat similar — but it sounds like Morgxn was simply very inspired by the Lollapalooza moment and wanted to recapture the magic.

Here’s Morgxn’s statement on the "Home" makeover, which is now on all streaming sites. You can also listen to it below. An accompanying music video is due soon.

When Nicholas from WALK THE MOON joined me at Lollapalooza on this song I felt something cosmic in that moment and the idea was born to make a new version. How often do you get to step back on the mic and sing with the feeling of singing in Paris, London, Berlin, Salt Lake City, Sacramento, Chicago, New York, Nashville... How often do you get to sing a song already knowing it has changed your life? That’s this version. That’s this HOME”

Petricca posted a note on Twitter about the collaboration: "When I first heard Morgxn's voice, first experienced his music, I knew instantly he was one of my all-time favorite artists. that was the night we met, when he was Morgan-with-an-"a", and he was just sharing some demos he'd been working on. I was mesmerized by his angelic tone and his courageous ability to go deeply, darkly vulnerable."

Regarding "Home," Petricca said, "This song is one of those universal stories to which any human being can relate. Personally it reminds me of the new home I'm seeking to create for myself, the one without parents or training wheels, where I can feel strong on my own."

Morgxn is currently on a tour with Dreamers that will be in Cincinnati on Oct. 8 at 20th Century Theater.

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