Cloud Nothings

March 22 • MOTR Pub

Mar 16, 2012 at 8:56 am

Hold onto your seats, Cloud Nothings fans, as we're about to exclusively break a new and crucial piece of info about the Cleveland band's second record.

While discussing the development of Attack on Memory, Nothings leader Dylan Baldi reveals a curious detail: “Steve Albini bought us kazoos that we used on the second song.”

Take a second to visualize a misanthropic musician/producer best known (as an artist) for writing a record called Songs About Fucking exchanging American currency for kazoos. Now, let's return to discussing Cloud Nothings.

Even though the one-man-project-turned-full-band is very young, Baldi is absolutely over the self-titled slab of jangly Indie Pop the Nothings released in 2010.

“I was just sort of getting tired of doing the same kind of thing. (A Cloud Nothings song) was a very set song and you had to play it the same way every night,” he says. “I wanted to make a record with songs that had a little more room to mess around.”

The Nothings pulled a 180 with Attack, a moody, raw exercise in Post-Punk that both retains Baldi's sensational hook-writing abilities and is tailor-made for Albini's glammed-down production style. Unfortunately, there is lousy news if you're not into Attack's ferocious angle.

“Unless someone really, really wants to hear a song really, really bad,” Baldi says, “we're probably not going to play any of the old stuff.”

CLOUD NOTHINGS play Thursday, March 22 at MOTR Pub with guest Class Actress. Buy tickets, check out performance times and get venue details here.