Danko Jones with The Damned

Oct. 22 • Bogart's

Oct 20, 2009 at 2:06 pm

Although Toronto’s Danko Jones is a big deal back home in Canada and on the festival circuit in Europe, the trio is more a Hard Rock cult phenomenon here in the States.

The band, named after its charismatic vocalist and guitarist, garnered acclaim and airplay with its U.S. debut, 2005’s We Sweat Blood, but had already been around for close to a decade by that point. Danko Jones’ first full length album, 2002’s Born a Lion, led to a number of European tours as well as an invitation to open for The Rolling Stones’ “40 Licks” tour stop in Toronto, which was followed in 2003 by the release of the heavier We Sweat Blood. The band hit a potential snag in 2004 when Universal Canada dropped them (apparently as a reaction to Jones’ public pro-downloading stance), but the band’s relentless tour profile merely increased its popularity.

In the past two years, Danko Jones has continued to tour ceaselessly (the band is the highlight of a dozen European festivals every season) and released its fourth full length, Never Too Loud. They've been likened to everyone from AC/DC to Thin Lizzy to Black Sabbath, but they also bleed Soul and swing like crazy.

The band plays Bogart’s Thursday with Brit Punk legends The Damned.

(THE DAMNED TOUR STOP AT BOGART'S HAS BEEN CANCELLED. GET REFUND DETAILS HERE. See Reyan Ali's interview with Andrew Pinching of The Damned here.)