David Bazan

Nov. 11 • Southgate House

Scores of musicians have written about losing their religion, but few have been able put it quite as poetically as David Bazan. Far from a new face on the Indie music scene, Bazan certainly knows a thing or two about music and religion. He received his first taste of fame while performing with the well-loved Christian Indie Rock band Pedro The Lion. The Seattle-based outfit released four albums between 1998 and 2004. Around the time the band released its last album, Bazan was nursing a growing drinking problem and trying to answer his rising questions about God. In 2006, Pedro The Lion officially disbanded. Three years later Bazan’s solo debut, Curse Your Branches, greeted fans with the stories of his struggles with God and religion.

Bazan’s follow-up album, Strange Negotiations, was released earlier this year to an eager audience. From disappointed fans and a heartbroken mother to the seemingly sudden realization that you’re still praying to a God you don’t necessarily believe in, there is an aftermath to having a personal religious apocalypse. His newest album deals with the outcomes of turning from one’s lifelong beliefs. Rest assured that the album is not his call to question faith, only a personal recounting of his split from religion.

He does, however, actively encourage his fans to question him. Bazan regularly stops his shows to let concert-goers ask him questions. Whether it turns into a bonding moment or sideshow banter doesn’t matter — it’s a connection made with his fans, just as he does with his music.

Bazan is currently on tour in support of

Strange Negotiations with band members and buddies Andy Fitts and Alex Westcoat. When he’s on stage, guitar, bass and drums are all the instrumental support that is needed. It is Bazan’s striking lyrics and unique voice that grab you by the belt loops and pull you toward the amps.

DAVID BAZAN plays the Southgate House Friday, Nov. 11 with R. RING. Buy tickets, check out performance times and get venue details here.

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