Debut Album From Cincinnati SynthPop Duo Moonbeau Available Now

Full-band Moonbeau to play a free show Sept. 14 on Fountain Square

Sep 7, 2018 at 9:07 am
click to enlarge Cover of Moonbeau's self-titled debut
Cover of Moonbeau's self-titled debut

Earlier this summer, Cincinnati Synth Pop duo Moonbeau — featuring The Yugos’ Christian Gough and Claire Muenchen as its core, plus other musicians for live shows — did a “soft launch” of their self-titled debut album for local fans centered around a release party at Over-the-Rhine’s Woodward Theater.

Today, Old Flame Records has given the LP a wide release. It’s currently available on most major streaming platforms. Find your favorite and listen here.

CityBeat spoke with the twosome in June for a cover-story feature on Moonbeau’s origins and album release. Moonbeau opener “In Love” is the perfect place to start if you’re new to the band. Here’s what we said about that song and the album back in June:

"On Moonbeau, Muenchen and Gough offer 10 tracks of powerful Pop potency that transcends the instrumentation. If the album were simply their vocals and an out-of-tune piano, it would still be a melodic tour de force. The songs are instantly memorable — by just the second listen, it feels like you’ve known them for years. The resplendent Synth Pop presentation is highly enchanting in its own way; wrapping it around an impeccable Pop core makes for an exhilarating combination.

"Laced with Gough’s New Order-like guitar leads, fluctuating background vocal textures and an array of vintage-styled Electro ticks, “In Love” is a perfect album opener, distilling Moonbeau’s appeal down to one 5-and-a-half minute song. Celestial synth arpeggios swirl to set the ’80s mood, as Muenchen and Gough’s voices wrap around each other elegantly over warm digital pulsations. The lyrics have a post-quarrel broken-heartedness that is tempered with optimism and faith in the power of love (“They say love is like a fire/But you can’t put it out once it ignites/And I know you’re sorry/But that doesn’t make things alright”). Together, the elements create an aura of romance and nostalgia, making it the kind of song that would soundtrack a scene in a movie where someone is flashing back to the last night of an intense summer fling spent on a bonfire-lit beach."

Read the full CityBeat profile of Moonbeau here.

Click here for details on how to get a vinyl version of the album from area label Soul Step Records.

Moonbeau’s next local show is next weekend. On Sept. 14, they join Michigan-based Electro Pop duo In the Valley Below and fellow locals Knotts for a free show on Fountain Square. Showtime is 7 p.m.

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