Designer Wigs Out on Minaj

Plus, Kiss keeps raising the drama bar for its Rock Hall induction and The Nuge promises to watch his mouth

click to enlarge What's that on her head? A wig!
What's that on her head? A wig!


Designer Wigs Out on Minaj

Hip Hop star Nicki Minaj’s former wig designer wants $30 million from her, claiming she stole his designs to sell her own line of wigs. Should she have to pull the wigs, Minaj’s fans can console themselves with some other merch — T-shirts emblazoned with “Barbz” (her nickname for her fans and probably the source of a future lawsuit from Barbie maker, Mattel) are available now at for $2.59.

More important info on Nicki and wig-wearing:


A Rock Hall Soap Opera

Even if you hate its music, it’s hard to deny that Kiss is one of the most influential American Rock bands ever, so the delay in inducting them into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is mysterious. Perhaps the Rock Hall just didn’t want to deal with Gene Simmons’ never-ending bullshit; before the announcement that Kiss and Nirvana would be among the artists entering the Hall of Fame this year, the bassist said Kurt Cobain wasn’t an “icon” because he only put out “one or two records” (Nirvana released three full-length albums, plus a B-sides collection; the iconic Robert Johnson, by the way, recorded only 29 songs in his lifetime), making the induction ceremony that much more awkward for Nirvana’s surviving members, who also have to share a table with Courtney Love. More recently, Kiss announced it wouldn’t be performing at its induction because of (surprise!) “emotional issues” concerning original members Ace Frehley and Peter Criss.

Maybe the Rock Hall voters previously had a hard time overlooking this past ridiculousness:


The Nuge: Still a Stooge

Most young people don’t know Ted Nugent as a famous rocker, but might know him as that guy who loves to kill animals for fun and really hates President Obama. Recently, after referring to the president as a “subhuman mongrel” (among other slurs) in an interview with hard-hitting journalistic beacon, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer called Nugent on his bullshit, reminding viewers that such language was once used by Nazis to describe Jewish people. Even usually-supportive conservative politicians distanced themselves from the Nuge, so he did issue a sorta-apology. Not to the president, though — Nugent apologized for the words he used, promising to “elevate my vernacular to the level of those great men that I’m learning from in the world of politics,” then went on CNN and toned his insult down to just calling Obama a “bad man.”

He calls the president a "chimpanzee," too!:

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