DEVO's Cats, Twitter Star and Killer Tunes

DEVO is target-marketing a new species: cats. To celebrate the release of their first album in 20 years, 'Something for Everybody,' the band hosted a nine-hour listening party only attended (in the flesh, er, fur) by 20 felines.

Jun 16, 2010 at 2:06 pm


Duty Meow for the Future

A few weeks ago we told you about Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson’s concert in Australia designed especially for dogs. Now DEVO (who coincidentally, like Reed, starred in commercials and ads for Honda Scooters in the ’80s) is target-marketing a different species: cats. To celebrate the release of the band’s first album in 20 years, Something for Everybody, the band hosted a nine-hour listening party only attended (in the flesh, er, fur) by 20 felines.

Fans were able to join in on the “fun” by watching a live stream of the event. And lonely cat ladies across the globe no doubt have a new favorite band. In response, the members of Kajagoogoo said, “What’s the big deal — we’ve been playing exclusively for a roomful of cats for 20 years now!”


Friends for Sale

The value of social media for musicians is immeasurable, but that hasn’t stopped many in the music biz from putting a price on it. The UK’s Guardian Web site recently published a report about a new breed of companies that are selling Twitter followers, Facebook fans and YouTube votes to aspiring musicians. One site,, offers 1,000 Twitter followers for $87 as a perk and reportedly throws out this pitch line in pop-up ads: “We know the secrets to making an overnight rockstar on Twitter ... without any effort.”

And, this just in: Nigerian Prince Amateykurkash has decided to get into the music biz, but he can’t get to his $3 million inheritance without an aspiring musician’s credit card, which he will use to get his cash and then pay you back with a third of his fortune, a record deal and 4 additional inches on your penis!


Brutal Criticism

We’ve all probably heard awful music that is so bad it makes us want to kill somebody (preferably the person who made it). Then a Katy Perry song comes on and we forget all about our murderous intentions. But a man in Southern California couldn’t keep his criticism of another man’s singing to himself, and he’s now on trial for a 2007 murder as a result.

The culprit for the murderous rage is said to be a debate over who was the better singer. The disagreement — which took place in a park while three men drank and sang — led to a pocket knife being pulled and two men being stabbed, one fatally. With that nasty British man leaving American Idol, perhaps this could be the new format for the show next year? Now that’s a show we’d watch religiously.