Ed fROMOHIO with Knife the Symphony and Ampline

Aug. 22 • Southgate House Parlour

Aug 18, 2009 at 2:06 pm

It’s been a while for most of us since we’ve heard the name ed fROMOHIO or, as his mama calls him, Ed Crawford and, as Punk and Indie Rock fans call him, “That dude who sang for fIREHOSE with Mike Watt.”

Watt’s early band, the pioneering Jazz/Roots/Punk group Minutemen, is always included in any discussion of SoCal/American Punk’s formative years. But in the late ’80s/early ’90s fIREHOSE had an impressive run that included album releases on both SST and Columbia Records and a gazillion live dates, which helped them grow a sizeable, dedicated fanbase. Crawford gave the band a slanted Pop side, adding a little hummability to the other members’ Minutemen-like display of driving, experimental Funk and Jazz.

After fIREHOSE broke up in 1994, Crawford slowed down for a bit, still performing on occasion but preferring the acoustic-guitar/solo format. Mr. fROMOHIO swings through the Southgate House (in the upstairs “Parlour” room) this Saturday to cap off an impressive bill that also features local Indie Rock champs Knife the Symphony and Ampline.

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