Eminem Sells Bricks

Plus, AOL pronounces Country star dead and Eagles of Death Metal lose French fest gigs

HOT: Eminem Sells Bricks

Eminem decided to celebrate the 16th birthday of The Marshall Mathers LP, a random anniversary that deserves the kind of weird release the rapper delivered — a reissue of the album on cassette in packages that include a brick from his childhood home and dog tags made from wood from the same house (which is featured on the album’s cover). The full package — which included a T-shirt (presumably not made from the old curtains from his childhood home) — cost $350 (all "brick" packages are now sold out), but Eminem made it harder for us to make fun of him by donating proceeds to his Marshall Mathers Foundation, which assists organizations that work with at-risk kids.

WARM: AOL Picks Wrong Berry

John Berry, an early member of the Beastie Boys who left the group when it was still a Punk band and well before its blockbuster success, passed away recently after battling frontal lobe dementia. AOL posted a video to Facebook with the news item, but included performance footage of a different John Berry — a successful Country singer — who had to post his own video to Facebook announcing that he was alive. Epitomizing AOL’s fall from grace in the tech world, AOL Entertainment’s Facebook page still had the wrong video up five days later (and counting).

COLD: Sore Eagle

A tragedy spawns widespread goodwill and sympathy, which is squandered by misdirected blame and retaliation. That’s the Bush administration after 9/11, and now that seems to be what Jesse Hughes, frontman for Eagles of Death Metal, is intent on doing following the terrorist attack during his band’s concert in Paris last year. Though Hughes apologized for an earlier interview in which he said venue security guards were in on the assault, he reiterated his conspiracy theory in comments to Taki’s Magazine, expanding it to include allegedly in-the-know Muslims he says he saw celebrating in the street during the attack. Two upcoming French festivals kicked EoDM off of the bill following the remarks

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