Eminem Works Cincinnati Into Some Crazy Wordplay on Surprise New Album

‘Music to Be Murdered By’ is the rapper’s second album in a row to reference the Queen City

click to enlarge Eminem's 'Music to Be Murdered By' - Shady Records
Shady Records
Eminem's 'Music to Be Murdered By'

Eminem has name-checked Cincinnati on his surprise new album, Music to Be Murdered By. The lyric comes in a blitz of Ohio references and some crazy wordplay.

“Those Kinda Nights” feature guest Ed Sheeran and includes the following lines:

Holy Toledo, it's Miss Ohio

That’s the best ass I’ve seen in a while

We should be datin', she’s from Cleveland

But she's a bengal, this chick is catty

Is that a mini-skirt if it's a maxi?

That's the shortest thing for a dress since an addy

The “Cincinnati/since an addy” and “address/addy” wordplay — clever stuff.

Eminem’s 2018 album Kamikaze also had a reference to the Queen City. On the track “Venom,” he refers to his appearance at Cincinnati Hip Hop festival Scribble Jam, which was a part of a crossroads period for his early career:

Volkswagen, tailspin, bucket matches my pale skin

Mayo and went from Hellmann's and being rail thin

Filet-o-Fish, Scribble Jam, Rap Olympics, '97, Freaknik…

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