Entire Obama Presidency Discredited

Plus, Frank Ocean pays back Chipolte and the reunited Black Flag is still a disaster

Mar 12, 2014 at 9:54 am


Entire Obama Presidency Discredited

During a “Women of Soul” tribute concert at the White House, President Obama paid tribute to one of the guests of honor, Aretha Franklin, saying, “When Aretha first told us what R-S-P-E-C-T meant to her, she had no idea it would become a rallying cry.” While Franklin was fine with the misspelling, guess who wasn’t so forgiving? Fox News’ website called it his Dan Quayle moment, referring to George H.W. Bush’s air-headed vice president who once visited an elementary school and instructed a kid how to spell “potatoe.” Other conservatives wondered if the magic teleprompter Obama can’t function without failed, while Ted Nugent is certain that “rspect” is Islamic code for “Repeal second-amendment; punish every conservative tea-partier.” 


Fast Food Feud

Neo-Soul sensation Frank Ocean recorded Willy Wonka classic “Pure Imagination” for a Chipotle ad, but had second thoughts after seeing the finished product. Ocean backed out of the project because Chipotle’s logo was so prominent. His people say the singer was led to believe the spot was about sustainable farming and that Chipotle’s connection was not a big part of the pitch. Chipotle announced it was suing Ocean for the $212,500 it paid him for his services. When the news broke, Ocean posted a photo of a check he’d apparently just written to Chipolte for the full amount; in the memo, he wrote, “Fuck Off.”


As the Flag Turns …

Fans of Punk icons Black Flag long wondered if the band would ever reunite. Most assumed founder/guitarist Greg Ginn’s reputation for being difficult to deal/work with was holding it up. Once Black Flag did return, fans wondered why they bothered. The horrendous reviews of the reunion album and tour (by fans as well as critics) have no doubt exacerbated the soap opera that has been following the group. Black Flag’s lineup fell apart at the end of 2013’s touring — bassist Dave Klein quit and singer Ron Reyes was fired and then replaced by band manager/pro skater Mike Vallely during a show in Australia. Reyes was also reportedly difficult and combative during the tour, but he recently told Beatroute.ca it was a result of Ginn threatening his family. Sounds like a fun tour. Somewhere, Henry Rollins is laughing his ass off.